The Automotive Detailing certificate and classes offer the opportunity to learn cleaning and restoration techniques that can improve the looks and enhance the value of automobiles. Students will learn techniques for success in the auto detailing industry, including vehicle prep, interior and exterior detailing, buffing, products and chemicals, safety, and finishing detail.

Automotive Detailing Certification Classes

Automotive Detailing Certification
Wet Sanding & Headlight Restoration
Automotive Headlining Restoration
  • Learn how to professionally clean an automobile and prepare for automotive detailing jobs available in the area! This course covers basic detailing, including the fundamentals of engine detailing, interior and exterior cleaning, and waxing and buffing techniques. Students will also learn the proper use of chemicals and tools, how to recognize problems, how to estimate cost and time requirements, and much more.Upon successful completion of this course, students should be prepared for automotive detailing job opportunities in the area.Click Here for Automotive Detailing Certification Information

  • Wet sanding, also called color sanding, is the process in which sand paper is used on the wet exterior surface of an automobile to remove fine scratches, orange peel, bird droppings, acid rain, and paint flaws. Students will learn to perform wet sanding without damaging the automobile's clear coat, as well as how to clean and restore headlights.Upon completion of this course, students will be able to remove fine scratches, orange peel, bird droppings, acid rain, and minor paint blemishes using a wet sanding technique. Students will also learn how to clean & restore headlights.Click Here for Detailed Course Information

  • Repairing or replacing an automobile's headliner can add hundreds of dollars to its value. Students will learn to clean, repair, and replace automotive headliners professionally.Upon completion of this class, students will learn how to repair and replace automotive headlining.Click Here for Detailed Course Information